“The first time I walked into Dr. Robins’ office, I wasn’t sure what to expect; but it has been one of my best experiences working with a periodontist and her staff.  They put me at ease when I would come in for my regular and surgical appointments.  The staff knows their job and makes you feel like you mean the world to them or are a part of their family.  They made me laugh and treated me like I was their personal friend (which makes you feel at ease!)  Dr. Robins, the way she took the tooth out and put the post in my mouth, was the best I could have asked for.  To have a doctor who cares about you (the patient) is a plus in today’s world.  I would recommend this group to anyone! ”  –  Bernadine G.

“Being an apprehensive patient (I know…that is an understatement!), I am always reluctant to undergo any procedure, and when I actually do show up, it is with much trepidation.  You and your staff, at every step of the way, were very attentive to my concerns and helped me keep my anxiety to a minimum.  Kind words, “listening” ears and gentle touch seem to be the rule, rather than the exception in your office, and, as a patient, I find it second to none.”   – Marcia H.

“I was extremely apprehensive about getting implants as I postponed the work for many years.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the surgery wasn’t bad at all.  You patiently explained each step of the procedure and I did not have any complications.  After a few days I didn’t know the implants were there at all.  It is great to be able to have a wide grin again!”   – Richard H.

“Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did with my implants.  I am gratefully surprised how easily and painlessly I got used to them.  Thank you for getting me back to a normal life.”   – Blanche L.

“Dr. Robins is the best periodontist I have had a pleasure of working with for the past 14 years. I would trust her with my patients, my family and myself !” – Dr. Kyung Ha