CT Scan Guided Surgery

CT Scan Guided Surgery involves the use of three dimensional CT imaging to better visualize the patient’s bone without having to surgically expose the area.

Based upon the findings of the CT Scan, a treatment plan of the implant operation is made using specialized computer software on the CT Scan.  This information is then transferred to a computer generated surgical template which guides the implant instrumentation exactly to the desired location in such a way that it matches the treatment plan and turns it into reality.

Guided surgery provides a link between the surgeon’s plan and the actual surgery.  It also has several important enhancements and advantages over conventional surgeries.  First, the patient and the surgeon are better prepared for what they will encounter during the procedure.  Complete information about the quality and quantity of the bone makes it possible to determine the ideal location for the implants that enhances the final esthetic outcome, while also avoiding important anatomy in the area.  This translates into less complications and surgery time is often decreased.  Because many surprises are eliminated by the enhanced treatment planning, treatment costs are also more predictable.